What commitment does it require to be a Christmas for Children Volunteer?


As a volunteer you will be a CFC committee member.  

The committee meets at 4:00 p.m. on the third Tuesday of the month, nine months of the year. The meetings will be held at Reaching Out For Jesus Ministries 800 E. Main St., Floyd.  The committee does not meet in January, July, and August.

Anyone seeking membership is required to undergo a background check and is required to sign a confidentiality agreement.

A voting member in good standing is one who attends monthly meetings regularly, abides by CFC policy and participates in the process that promotes implementation of the CFC program throughout the year.   

CFC is non-sectarian and non-discriminatory.  All members must observe strict adherence to confidentiality with regard to the recipients of the program.

The CFC program begins in September when flyers are distributed to the Floyd County schools. 

In early October, the applicant screening process begins. This occurs daily for approximately a week.

This is followed by distribution of “Angels” (children’s wish lists) to various businesses, churches, etc. Anyone in the community can select an “Angel” and fulfill some or all the requests of that child. All “Angels” are returned to CFC the first Monday after Thanksgiving.

The end of November through mid-December is crunch time.  All “Angels” are accounted for, checked for completion, unfulfilled items noted and then shopped for by committee members, a final accounting that all “Angels” are complete is made, and finally, parents pick-up their “Angels” bags of gifts.

In May of each year, CFC participates in the Citizens Yard Sale to help raise funds.  This requires set-up time the day prior to the sale, sales time and break down time on day of the sale.       

While this is an overview of the commitment needed, as a volunteer you know when you are available and how much time you can commit.  CFC appreciates each volunteer’s contribution.

If you are interested, please CONTACT us!